UAB ,,Agregatas” is implementing a project to set up a new wood pellet factory in the municipality of Utena and is looking for premises suitable for this activity. All interested property owners are invited to submit offers for sale or lease.
Below is some basic information about the site, which meets the conditions of the planned project:
1. The purpose of the proposed property is industrial or other (suitable for manufacturing);
2. The plot size is not less than 100 acres;
3. Concrete or asphalt site suitable for storage of raw timber and manoeuvring of heavy vehicles;
4. Electricity input (the planned electricity input is approximately 1000 kilowatts);
5. Buildings for production and storage with a total floor area of not less than 1500 sq. m, elevation from 4.5 m;
6. The property must not abut residential dwellings or public uses.

For more detailed information on these and other requirements for the property you are looking for, please contact us:
Tel. +370 620 36974