Business information

The Centre provides free up-to-date business information for start-ups, advanced entrepreneurs and anyone with an interest in business.


Entrepreneurs can consult the Centre on setting up a company, finding financing, accounting, tax and other relevant issues.

Office services

The Centre has modern office equipment and can provide the following quality services to its clients:

  • Binding of documents;
  • scanning;
  • printing of black and white prepared text;
  • printing of prepared text in colour.


The Centre regularly organises information and training seminars on relevant topics. With the necessary equipment and facilities, we can invite competent speakers and organise seminars for the employees of individual companies or institutions, according to the wishes of the business community.

Organisation of events (premises, equipment) Aušros g. 47, Creative Industries Centre “Taurapilis”.

The Utena Business Information Centre offers a modern 200-seat theatre for companies and organisations conducting trainings, seminars, presentations or other similar events.

Theatre room for conferences: one hour – 25 Eur (incl. VAT)*

Theatre hall for performances/concerts: one hour – 100 Eur (incl. VAT)*

Service fees

1. BUSINESS INFORMATIONUnit of measurementPrice after subsidy Eur (municipal support)
Consultation1 hour.Free**
Online company registration (registering a company in Utena r.)1 hour.Free**
Online company registration (when registering a company outside of Utena district)pcs.41,32 Eur***
Business information dissemination events1 hour.Free**
Training1 hour.Free**
Giving a legal address1 year100 Eur

2. OFFICE SERVICESUnit of measurementFull price Eur***
Scanning and emailing a document 1 pg.1 page / 0,25 Eur
Printing black and white prepared text 1 pg.1 pg. / 0,08 Eur
Printing of prepared text in colour 1 pg.1 pg. / 0,41 Eur
Scan 1 pg.1 pg. / 0,21 Eur
Binding of documents up to 20 sheets 0,41 Eur
Binding of documents from 20 to 100 sheets 0,69 Eur
Binding of documents over 100 pages 0,82 Eur
3. Residency services (KIC ,,Taurapilis”)Unit of measurementFull price Eur***
Permanent residency rate1 m24,13 Eur
One-off hourly residency rate1 hour.12,40 Eur


Renting a room and equipment for taking pictures of objects1 hour.5 Eur
Office and other equipment rental (laptop with accessories, printer, etc.)1 month.20 Eur


* – other conditions subject to agreement between the parties.

** funds for state-subsidised services come from Utena r. municipal programme funds for the implementation of the service business programme.

*** prices are exclusive of VAT.