In the context of the war in Ukraine and other geopolitical challenges, there is a need for society to know more not only about survival, but also, from a global defence perspective, to understand the role of each citizen in national defence.

The Ministry of National Defence (MoND) together with the Department of Mobilisation and Civil Resistance at the MoND, in order to strengthen the knowledge of the Lithuanian population and to create a society resilient to external threats, will hold a joint event on the theme of the Lithuanian National Defence. m. 9 October presented the information-educational platform “School of Mobilisation”, which is available online.

“Mobilisation School” is a comprehensive 1-hour training course. training courses that are simple and clear. Here you can learn about host country support, mobilisation and civil resistance. These three topics are presented because citizens need to know not only the basic knowledge of how to survive in case of war, but also how the state functions in the event of day “X” and what action each citizen can take. The training is audio-visual, visualised and the tasks are presented in a light, playful and creative way. An electronic certificate is generated upon completion of the course and upon verification of knowledge.

Visit and mobilise your knowledge!

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